HCM software for cannabis stores

Centralize and easily access employee data at your dispensary with one easy-to-use and flexible HCM platform. 
With KayaPush's HCM cannabis software you get it all: applicant tracking system, hiring tools, paperless self-serve onboarding, and performance management information.

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No more manual spreadsheet tracking, filing, or paperwork.  Effortlessly manage all your employee information in one place.  KayaPush's HCM cannabis software offers everything you need to hire and onboard new employees and seamlessly integrates with the rest of your workforce management.

Full Applicant Tracking System
Manage your human capital by tracking and storing employee documents, key performance indicators and milestones on one platform
Easily streamline your hiring process with a digital, self-serve employee onboarding system
Use KayaPush HCM software as a stand-alone feature, or as an all-in-one employee management suite
Our system also integrates with POS system
Human resource software for cannabis

Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Save time and stay organized by managing all your applications from a single platform. Seamless integration with key job boards
Communicate internally through the application process
Streamline the hiring process with digital offer letters
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HCM cannabis software

Onboarding without the headache.

Eliminate paperwork and implement consistent onboarding experiences at your dispensary.
Create one login for employees across multiple dispensaries and have new employees fill out information, sign contracts and upload banking details from any desktop or tablet.
Leading cannabis hr software

Centralize employee documents

Eliminate paperwork and implement consistent onboarding experiences at your cannabis retail store.
Create one login for employees across multiple locations and have new employees fill out information, sign contracts and upload banking details from any desktop or tablet.
HCM Cannabis software

Stay on top of human capital management.

Our human capital management system helps you track employees' Key Performance Indicators that matter.  
KayaPush HR cannabis software monitors and reports on the KPIs so you can accurately review and evaluate your team's performance.

The Best Hiring Practices for Cannabis Dispensary Owners

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Book cover of mentioned guide
Book cover of mentioned guide
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Stay safe with kayapush's hcm solution

Stay on top of compliance and licenses.  

Track sick days and Affordable Care Act benefits and store information like your Employer Identification Numbers in a single and secure database.
Stay on top of employee license renewals and certifications.
human resource software for cannabis

Document an employee's journey.

View your employee’s journey with pay raises, promotions and upcoming work milestones.
Get access to employee work performance at your fingertips with the KayaPush Onboarding and Hiring solution.
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Paperless, self-serve onboarding with KayaPush

Spot trends.

Analyze employee turnover ratios across multiple locations with real-time dynamic employee data.
Compare locations side by side and spot opportunities for improvement.

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Saves so much time! Having your clocking, scheduling, budgeting, and payroll all available in one unit

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"Payroll for 60 employees takes minutes, scheduling is a breeze and easy to learn, and customer support is the absolute best!"

Dr Doug

"It saves me time, it’s intuitive, and it's easy to use"


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