Helping cannabis retailers launch, grow, and scale their business

The Kaya Cast podcast is a weekly show where we interview thought leaders in the cannabis industry about their experience and expertise of working with cannabis.

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Kayacast host Tom Mulhern looking happy while recording a show in the studio

About KayaCast

Are you ready to grow your dispensary like never before? The Kaya Cast podcast features interviews with top leaders in the cannabis industry, as well as bonus episodes with insights to help you be more effective in every aspect of your canna-career.

  • Created for and by cannabis business professionals
  • New episodes every week
  • Interviews with world-class guests

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About the host

The Kaya Cast is hosted by a talented team of podcasters from Kaya Push. With many years of experience in cannabis and public speaking, they foster illuminating conversations with their guests as well as informational tips to help you grow your cannabis business.

Every week they aim to bring fresh and relevant cannabis related content to their listeners. With a balance of humour and conversation they engage their guests and listeners through stories of cannabis retailers doing what they love.

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Tom Mulhern


Tom is on an emerging journey of discovering how cannabis can improve the lives of people around the world, and he is so excited to share stories of cannabis retailers who are changing the industry.

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Maria McCliggott

Guest host

Maria has worked in the cannabis industry for two years and is excited to learn more and share what she already knows. There are always new things to discover in this industry!

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