Time tracking software for cannabis stores

KayaPush's Time Tracking  offers your dispensary a flexible solution to help you manage your employees' clock-ins, break behavior, and hours. Funnel hours straight from KayaPush Time Tracking to KayaPush Payroll to streamline your operations.

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The future of time tracking software for cannabis retail stores

Get the best time tracking software for your cannabis retail store. KayaPush Time Tracking offers mobile clock-ins for employees and utilizes advanced facial recognition software to eliminate buddy punching.   Streamline all data across the system to sync to payroll and integrate with your POS system.

More precise labor tracking

Save thousands of dollars tracking and automating employee clock-in rules and streamline employee labor tracking data directly to payroll.

Flexible & integrated

Use KayaPush Time Tracking as part of an all-in-one employee management suite.  Easily integrate with POS systems, streamlining operations and pulling data and reports.

The ultimate time saver

Allow employees to clock in on their own with facial recognition technology and automate employee clock-in rules and settings.

CANNABIS Time tracking SOFTWARE made easy

Real time reporting and integrations.

Track employees at your dispensary with multiple rates and positions.
Streamline labor cost to the correct revenue centers, and run real-time labor reports.
KayaPush Time and Attendance integrates with KayaPush Payroll, HR Suite, Scheduling, Reporting and multiple POS systems.
KayaPush enables you to streamline your operations.
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CANNABIS Time tracking SOFTWARE made easy

Flexible automation  

KayaPush automatically compares employees' clock times against scheduled times.
Flagging instances of overtime and early starts.
CANNABIS Time tracking SOFTWARE made easy

Facial recognition & customizable clock ins.

Ensure staff are work-ready and not ‘buddy’ punching with our camera time attendance and mobile app with location geo-fencing.
KayaPush also allows you to set and customize up pre-work screening questions.
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Mobile approval and notification illustration of time tracking software
CANNABIS Time tracking SOFTWARE made easy

Mobile approval & notifications  

Download the app and track employee data from your smartphone.
Set up alarms for daily or weekly overtime and stay informed with employee clock in behavior.
CANNABIS Time tracking SOFTWARE made easy

Track and automate labor compliance.

Keep a close eye on break violations, ACA benefits eligibility.
Track split shift premiums, daily minimum pay requirements.
Keep an eye on general holiday eligibility, and more!
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This Dispensary Owner Does Payroll for 26 Staff in 5 Minutes

Get the case study to learn how.
Download our booster case study!
Download our booster case study!
CANNABIS Time tracking SOFTWARE made easy

Tip management made simple

Tip declarations are made stress-free when meal period calculations are automated.
Tipped staff under minimum wage are automatically flagged and topped off to reach the threshold.
CANNABIS Time tracking SOFTWARE made easy

Save on hardware repairs.

Hardware-independent software = less clutter.
Use a tablet of your choice for time attendance without costly repairs!
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Simplify your dispensary operations
with an all-in-one system

Join thousands of happy dispensary owners who are using KayaPush.

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