Scheduling software built for cannabis dispensaries

Schedule smarter and save up to 10 hours per week with the KayaPush dispensary scheduling software!
KayaPush offers auto-generated scheduling forecasts to optimize budgets, templates, and easy access through our mobile app.

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The best dispensary scheduling software in the game.

With KayaPush, scheduling is no longer a painful process.  Auto-generate schedules, use templates,
and set up custom rules to make scheduling and saving easy.

Save on 3% on labor costs

View labor costs as you're actively scheduling and other KPIs such as forecasted labor vs sales percentages to save you money.

Customize your solution

Use it as a stand-alone feature, or as an all-in-one employee management suite. Our system also integrates with POS systems, streamlining operations and pulling data and reports.

Automations that save time

Streamline hours directly into payroll for one-click payroll processing. Eliminate data transfer of employee hours by using KayaPush’s clock system.

Scheduling software built for dispensaries

Easy to use.

Our beautiful interface and ease of use will rock your world.
Create shift templates, add shifts, see different views and schedule by sales, guest counts, or both – with one click!
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Smart scheduling for your dispensary

Scheduling software to schedule smarter.

Avoid overstaffing or understaffing with real-time analytics.
View labor costs as you're actively scheduling and other KPIs such as forecasted labor vs sales percentages.
Analyze and save with this cannabis software solution

Analyze to approve strategically.

Analyze shift swap costs before approving and set up custom shift swap or time off request rules!
Review shift swaps, releases and time off requests chronologically in one place.

Did you know smart scheduling can save you up to 3% on labor.

Become an expert with this guide!

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Book cover of mentioned guide
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Cannabis scheduling software simplified

Forecast your schedules more accurately.

KayaPush helps you save time by automating sales forecasting.
Automatically pull historical sales from your point-of-sale software and eliminate the manual work.
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Seamless internal communication with staff.

Say goodbye to staff texting you for time off requests.
Staff can swap shifts, release their shifts and request time off in a centralized space, accessible from anywhere.
You can even broadcast messages to your team.
Mobile cannabis scheduling software

Quick and mobile employee access.

Employees can check their schedule from anywhere via desktop or mobile device!
Communication is also centralized with a Message Center.

Simplify your dispensary operations
with an all-in-one system

Are you ready to streamline your cannabis store operations?

Get started with KayaPush by booking a demo of our software!

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