11 Checklists For Dispensaries To Increase 420 Sales

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420 is fast approaching. Is your dispensary ready for the boom?

The 420 holiday and the weeks leading up to it make for the most cannabis sales globally.

With a mind-blowing 25% increase in sales from 2020 to 2021, this year is on track to be a great one.

Don’t miss the opportunity to leverage this holiday with these 11 checklists proven to increase dispensary sales.

Let’s get started!

Tech Stack Checklists

Running a dispensary is complicated—and without technology, you run the risk of breaking compliance regulations. Technology also helps you manage your people and gather essential data. Here is a quick checklist to review your technical tools for the big day. 

POS Checklist: 

  • Ensure all systems are up to date.
  • Consider contacting support to ensure they can handle high volume sales.
  • Make sure your licenses are up to date.
  • Double-check all scanning devices to ensure you can scan IDs to sell legally.
  • Ensure your POS is set up to integrate with your track and trace system for compliance purposes. 
  • Consider integrating your POS with your workforce management to collect labor vs sales metrics.
  • Consider integrating your POS with your online eCommerce store. 
  • Investigate what you might do in an off-line situation.

Workforce Software Checklist: 

  • Check your HR platform to ensure your employee's licenses are up to date.
  • Make sure you have your time tracking integrated with schedules to avoid buddy punching.
  • Double-check your schedules to make sure you are well-staffed for the day.
  • Look at labor vs sales reports from last year to staff accordingly.
  • Make sure your workforce management is integrated with your payroll. 
  • Ensure you have overtime alerts activated to alert you when staff go into overtime.
  • Integrate your workforce management with your POS to gather valuable data for the future. 

Other Software to Prepare Checklist:

  • Lock in as many reporting and data collection platforms as possible.
  • Make sure your security systems and teams are ready. 
  • Prepare your digital gift card and loyalty card strategy.

Budtender Checklists

Your budtenders and team play a massive role in the sales numbers on 420 and the weeks leading up to them. Here are some important ways to prep your budtenders and the rest of your team for the big day.

Additional Training Checklist: 

  • Ensure budtenders and team members are up to date on how to use all systems.
  • Review the specials and features with budtenders. 
  • Review all inventory to educate budtenders on products. 
  • Consider having budtenders take quizzes on Top tender for sales and product knowledge.
  • Do daily huddles at the end of each working day to chat about what worked, and who bought what. 

Incentives and Sales Checklist:

  • Consider running a competition between budtenders on the days around the event. 
  • Have budtenders offer samples to customers.

Marketing Checklists

Like any significant sales event, a lot of the work will have been done beforehand by the marketing department. There are many ways to market your dispensary, product, or event, but here are some quick wins you should consider to prepare for the big day and let your network know all about it. 

Dispensary Marketing Checklist: 

  • Consider asking your budtenders to share the news with their networks.
  • Connect with your loyalty program cardholders and share the specials.
  • Let your email list know what is happening.
  • Update your website or online networks. 

Campaign Checklist: 

  • Share promotions and special event times on social media during the weeks leading up.
  • Consider hosting an event beforehand, or during the week.
  • Consider partnering with influencers in the space to promote the big day.

Budtender Marketing Checklist: 

  • Ask that your team share the specials and events with their networks.
  • Give them shirts and swag to wear. 
  • Encourage budtenders to share upcoming events with buyers when they visit the store leading up to the big day.

Day Of, Week Of Checklist:

  • Consider giving out samples or giveaways during 420 week (within legal guidelines). 
  • Offer great promos and prices during the week.

Building Future Sales Checklist: 

  • Be sure to encourage new customers to become members or loyalty cardholders. 
  • Make it easy for customers to find and follow you on social media.
  • Try and collect emails or information when possible (within legal guidelines). 
  • Offer future discounts to encourage customers to return post 420 week.

Standard Operating Procedures Checklists

Smooth operations and well-thought-out inventory form a huge part of increasing your dispensary sales during the 420 wind-up.  Do you have the following SOPs locked in and ready to roll?


  • Customer check-in SOPs.
  • Security and compliance SOPs. 
  • Procedures around cash and payments SOPs.
  • Inventory ordering, and measuring against sales and promotions SOPs.
  • Quality assessment SOPs. 
  • Employee management SOPs. 

Tools To Help Your Dispensary Succeed

We hope you found these checklists helpful and that they help you increase dispensary sales during the week of 420 and beyond. 

If you are looking for an easy way to manage your operations and increase your dispensary sales, you should consider using  KayaPush.com software for increased efficiency and transparency.

KayaPush offers integrated payroll, HR, and workforce management solutions for dispensary owners. It also integrates with leading POS systems offering you transparency like never before.

Ready to get started? 

Download the guide here!

Click to download 11 checklists for dispensaries to increase 420 sales

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