Cova is an award-winning POS and inventory management platform purposely built for cannabis retail.  Cova helps dispensaries simplify compliance, deliver an exceptional cannabis shopping experience, and increase revenue through automated compliance. Cova offers a live menu on your website and marketplace and an integrated delivery system.  


Whether it’s opening day or scaling to multiple locations, getting your business online or on the road with home delivery, Cova is here to help you run the cannabis store you envision.

Our award-winning retail platform is renowned for its built-in compliance, intuitive ease-of-use, and unparalleled reliability.  

Cova offers built-in ID checking, purchase limit alerts & queuing, fast transactions & award-winning intuitive design, live sync all orders from marijuana marketplaces, menu board and your website for accurate inventory.  
Offline mode keeps lines moving even when Wi-Fi drops and customizable dashboard & on-demand reportingIntegrated gift card for the new cannabis consumers.


Automatically pull your sales to KayaPush for reporting and scheduling purposes


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Getting started

To connect Cova to KayaPush:You must have an existing KayaPush account and an existing Cova account.
Once you have established the two requirements above, simply contact our support team at and the integration can start in minutes