From multi-state operators to locally owned dispensaries, Dutchie provides everything to easily run a cannabis business, all in on place

It's a complete technology platform for cannabis retailers. With solutions for point of sale, payments, e-commerce, and more, it helps to scale operations, stay compliant, and provide exceptional experiences.


In 2017, Dutchie was launched in Bend, Oregon, in partnership with three local dispensaries. By 2018, the partnerships had grown. With 50 stores.

Now, with over 6,000+ dispensary partners, they process over $14B cannabis sales annually, driving their mission and helping cannabis businesses start, operate, and grow with confidence.

Their tailored made solutions meet the unique needs of cannabis retailers, with unique features that simplifies their operations,  customers can focus on what matters most—bringing the benefits of cannabis safely to consumers.

Creating safe and easy access to cannabis.


-From CRM to other points of sale and e-commerce solutions.

-Integrations with their solutions are simple to get up and running

-Their robust set of APIs enables to build progressive and innovative solutions.


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To connect Kayapush to Dutchie Contact support@kayapush.com to start your integration.