Navigating Tax Season, How Cannabis Software Can Help

Ashley Ringham
February 25, 2021

It’s that time again... tax season. As a dispensary owner, there are a lot of things to consider when it comes to tax time. Employers must prepare for questions about where to find the relevant information employees need for tax filing. Without the use of cannabis payroll software, you could be in for a challenge!

Sharing employment information with your team during dispensary tax season.

As a manager and business owner it can be difficult to stay on top of every employee's documents and files.

It is important to make sure they receive their forms on time with the correct information as it relates to their work, position, salary or wages.

With year end and tax season well underway, giving employees quick access to files like T4s and W2s is top of mind. Prompt access allows employees to submit their taxes on time, or make new contributions to their savings plans, for example, the Canadian RRSP.

How to give employees transparency with their employment information with cannabis payroll software.

Transparency is important for an employer to build trust with their employees. It is key to have a system in place for employees to easily access the information they need as it relates to their employment with your business. Empowering employees to have easy and quick access to documents also saves you administration time. 

KayaPush makes it easy for employees to access their info by allowing visibility in their personal profile accounts. With our payroll features, we also provide year-end services like issuing T4s and W2s.  KayaPush automatically calculates employee taxes on each pay run, saving you time calculating each contribution.

That's great, but how can employees access these important documents like T4s within Push?

How to access employee tax information within KayaPush.

It’s simple! Employees can access files by going to “My Files” and downloading the document. As soon as their T4 or W2 is ready, it’s visible in their account.

(Yes, it’s that easy!)

T4s are not the only forms that are accessible for employees. Employees or managers can upload any necessary files, such as training documents could all be uploaded and categorized as "Certificates".

Managers can even allow employees to fill and sign other documents like, offer letters, new policies, or handbooks. 

Each document is safely stored directly in their employee record in Push. Employees can access copies in their own personal account, or you can even make certain forms strictly visible to your management team (administrators).

Think about how you can streamline your filing process to be more transparent with your employees.

We hope that these helpful tips make tax season easier for your team to navigate, and help you keep your employees happy and stress free.

navigating tax season

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