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Automate and scale your dispensary
Simplify HR, Payroll, and Workforce Management
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Hire, onboard, and retain your dream team

Manage all your employee information in one place
Complete all tax filings, new hire reporting, and employee pay
No more manual spreadsheet tracking, filing, or paperwork
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Automate your payroll process

Run payroll at your dispensary in 10 minutes
Say goodbye to manual payroll calculations
Save thousands by paying employees more accurately
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Schedule your team in seconds

Auto-generate schedules, and set up custom rules for easy scheduling
Streamline hours directly into payroll for one-click payroll processing
Analyze to approve strategically
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Track your time with precision because every second counts

Streamline employee labor tracking data directly to payroll
Save thousands by tracking and automating employee clock-in rules
Facial recognition & customizable clock-ins
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As an all-in-one and fully integrated platform

Is KayaPush user-friendly?

We’ll let our reviewers answer that

"Support is very easy to contact and helpful when dealing with"
"It's clear and easy to use and makes running payroll a breeze. Scheduling is incredibly easy"
"Love that it is easy to learn and use with lots of useful tools"

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Jason G.

Saves so much time! Having your clocking, scheduling, budgeting, and payroll all available in one unit

Swede E.

"Payroll for 60 employees takes minutes, scheduling is a breeze and easy to learn, and customer support is the absolute best!"

Dr Doug

"It saves me time, it’s intuitive, and it's easy to use"


Save time and money with KayaPush!

Save on average 12 hours a week
Save 3% on labor costs
Run payroll in 10 minutes

Avoid costly mistakes. Automate and scale your dispensary.

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