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April 13, 2022

Meet Carol, co- owner of the Ontario dispensary, Kraft Cannabis.  Kraft is a family owned and operated business, managed by Carol, her husband, David, and their son Dustin.

Before entering the cannabis space Carol was an education assistant.  It was her husband David who played a large role in the change of direction for the family. He had always taken an interest in the cannabis industry and one day decided to take a closer look at what financing was needed to open a dispensary. Once he started delving, he was hooked. And shortly the rafter, Kraft Cannabis was born.

A new venture.

Since opening their first dispensary, Kraft Cannabis, Carol and her husband have never looked back. When asked if she has had any regrets about making such a dynamic career shift, Carol says she has none.

Life before using the KayaPush system.

When Kraft Cannabis first opened its doors in July 2021, Carol and her husband jointly decided that they did not want to handle manual payroll processing on their own. They had been responsible for such duties in their past lives and were not interested in taking them on again with their new venture.

So, they did their homework and discovered KayaPush, a cannabis software solution that could handle all of this for them and so much more.

Taking care of business.

Once payroll was set up Carol found running payroll easier than she would have imagined. She estimated that in lieu of a full time payroll person, or doing the manual calculations herself, she was saving upwards of 120 hours a year on running payroll with the ability to now run it in 3 minutes.  Other benefits of the system included not having to do staff overtime calculations, payroll tax calculations, stat holiday pay calculations, as well as removing the possibility for payroll errors.

I saw how the payroll process works now, completely computerized. And it was wonderful.

It’s the things you can’t measure.

Carol knows that she can always get support from the KayaPush team if she needs it. If she ever has any questions, she has found she can turn to customer support and get answers fast. 

Any questions that arose during the first round of payroll processing were immediately addressed with the help of KayaPush’s customer support team. Carol has had such a positive experience interacting with KayaPush Customer Support that she addresses team members by name.

KayaPush has fabulous customer support!

Crushing business goals.

Carol is no stranger to the previously daunting process known as payroll. In her previous career, she had been responsible for processing payroll manually,which is why she was so keen to seek out KayaPush in the first place.

Rather than spending countless hours in the office on mindless data entry in order to get payroll out on time, Carol can now focus her attention on her business.

KayaPush makes payroll a one button process. One button and you’re done, your payroll run is done in three minutes. How awesome is that?!

Would you recommend KayaPush? 

When asked if she would recommend KayaPush, Carol responded that she has no doubt KayaPush should be the go-to for anyone currently running a manual payroll.

The End Result

The Challenges:

  • Manual payroll processing is time-consuming. 
  • Human errors in payroll processing lead to costly problems.
  • A full-time accountant to run payroll is high-cost.
  • Distracts from focus on the business. 
  • Means valuable time spent away from staff.

The Solutions:

  • Payroll processing can be completed with a push of a button.
  • Eager-to-help customer support team readily available.
  • Rather than paying an accountant, choose Push services. 
  • Less time on payroll means more time focusing on business demands.
  • Less time in the office means more time with employees.

The Results:

  • Saving 120 hours per year on payroll processing.
  • Countless hours saved each payroll 
  • The help of an extraordinary customer support team.
  • Saving 15 hours monthly on a full-time accountant.
  • Payroll now takes a matter of 3 minutes.
  • More time with staff yields higher engagement and retention.

Still not convinced? Check out more success stories of how using dispensary technology can save you hundreds of hours. Read our latest case study, where Riverside Wellness Cannabis Dispensary learns how to save over 200 hours per year!

KayaPush Case Study - Riverside Wellness

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