5 Proven Strategies to Retain Your Dispensary's 420 Customers‍

Mack Bush
April 19, 2023

Your cannabis dispensary will probably make record sales on 420 this year, but you don’t have to confine this success to the holiday. Many 420 customers are new to cannabis, and frequent users may be in the market for something new that your dispensary provides, since 50% of 21 - 54 year olds say they’re likely to try a new product during the holiday.

Dispensary owners have the opportunity to turn these new 420 customers into regulars if they play their cards right. Let’s go over some customer retention strategies for dispensaries to follow this 420.

Why Is Customer Retention Important for Dispensaries?

Experts say that increasing your customer retention rate by even 5% can increase sales by 95%. That’s great news, because on average, retaining a current customer costs 70% less than acquiring a new one. 

Your 420 customers know where your store is and what type of products you offer. If they have a great experience, they might become regulars. They’re even more likely to come back if you offer them great incentives to do so. So how can you invite your 420 customers back for more?

5 Strategies for Retaining Your Dispensary’s 420 Customers

1. Offer Rewards or Discounts to Customers

One of the main things that keep customers coming back to your dispensary is great prices. If they feel like they’re not getting a good deal, they may shop around elsewhere. That doesn’t mean that you should lower your prices to rock bottom, but offering discounts to customers who come in regularly could be the sweet spot.

You can offer a percentage discount after every 5th or 10th purchase. Even a small incentive of 5% off their 5th visit and 10% off their 10th visit could convert an infrequent customer into a regular. You can track visits through an online customer account, or go retro and use punch cards. You might also offer a point system that allows customers to earn with each purchase, offering double the points on select items instead of discounting them. These strategies will show your customers that you value their loyalty.

In addition, you could offer a coupon or percentage discount to 420 customers to use after the holiday. This could prompt them to come in again on a less busy day, allowing them to learn more about your products.

A dispensary customer is looking at her loyalty gift with joy for being a repeat customer.

2. Give Discounts When a Customer Signs Up for Your Email List

Keeping in touch with your customers is one of the best ways to encourage regular visits. It doesn’t matter how valuable your discounts and specials are if your patrons don’t know about them!

Consider offering customers an immediate percentage-off discount when they sign up for your email list. This gives them an incentive to sign up right away, while also enticing them to add some extra goodies to their basket. The discount is a small price to pay if you can incentivize customers to return because of an email — and that email doesn’t have to include another discount.

A budtender is signing up a dispensary customer for marketing emails.

3. Use Your Email List to Bring in Customers

Building your text and email list lets you share all sorts of information about your dispensary, including specials and discounts, free gifts, and new products. It is also the perfect engagement tool to share contests, feedback surveys, and subscriber-only coupon codes. Each budtender should be trained on asking customers to sign up for your email list, while sharing the benefits of doing so.

You can also encourage customers to get more involved with your dispensary by notifying them of events you are hosting or participating in, like seminars, parties, and holiday celebrations like 420. If they stop in for an event, it’s very likely that they’ll make a purchase, too. Inviting customers to events also increases loyalty and brand awareness, while setting your dispensary apart from the rest.

4. Provide Educational Resources

Many 420 customers are new or infrequent cannabis users. If they love their first experience, they might want to try cannabis again, but feel too overwhelmed by all of the options at your dispensary. Why not find a way to educate these customers while bringing in new revenue at the same time?

Making sure your customer is educated and informed is one of the best customer retention strategies for dispensaries, and this process starts with your budtenders. They should make sure your customer knows how to use their new products before they leave the store. They should also be ready to answer questions about cannabis in general, even if that means a transaction may take a little extra time.

In addition, you can advertise educational classes, seminars, and product demonstrations on 420 to get customers back into the store. You might also offer sessions to talk about the power of cannabis and how it can help people with medical issues, since mainstream media tends to skirt around it. Work with your budtenders to develop engaging programs that will bring your 420 customers back for more.

A budtender is helping a dispensary customer purchase cannabis at check out.

5. Offer Free Shipping or Delivery

Not everyone can make it out to your dispensary when they are in need of cannabis products. One of the best ways to retain 420 customers is to let them buy products without leaving their home.

Many cannabis dispensaries in Canada offer free shipping and delivery. If possible, it’s a good idea to keep up with this trend. During 2020, delivery orders made up 30% of all cannabis sales in the US, and many people prefer using this convenient way to purchase marijuana.

Delivery is also a great option for people who have trouble accessing your storefront, whether that be mobility issues, work hours that overlap with your operating hours, or inaccessibility to a car or convenient public transit. Delivery, whether free or paid, increases access to your customers and puts your dispensary ahead of those who do not offer it.

If you offer online ordering, make sure your website is easy to use. Keep your menu and prices up to date. If someone receives an email about a deal but it’s not available online, they may become frustrated and not buy at all. Plus, you don’t want to have to cancel an order because the product is out of stock.

Final Thoughts on Increasing Customer Retention

In addition to these five customer retention strategies for dispensaries, make sure that your budtenders offer exceptional service to every 420 customer. While discounts and events can entice customers to come back, a helpful and friendly budtender could make the biggest difference in retention rates.

KayaPush can help you hire and retain your top budtenders, because nothing builds customer loyalty like top-notch service. Our software offers easy onboarding, scheduling, and performance tracking. Book a free demo to learn more and start increasing your customer and staff retention today!

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