Streamlining Dispensary Hiring: 7 Tips to Enhance Your Recruitment Process

Emily Kho
August 12, 2023

The burgeoning cannabis industry has led to a surge in demand for dispensaries, making dispensary hiring a critical aspect of business operations. As the industry grows, so does the competition for skilled labor. 

Streamlining the recruitment process not only saves time but also reduces the cost associated with hiring and onboarding

This article provides seven practical tips to enhance your dispensary hiring process, ensuring you attract the best talent to your business.

Understanding the Unique Challenges of Dispensary Hiring

For starters, it’s important to recognize that navigating the dispensary hiring landscape presents unique challenges due to the emerging nature of the cannabis industry and the specific requirements of the role. These challenges include:

  • Limited Experience: The cannabis industry is relatively new, meaning it's unlikely to find staff with years of experience.
  • Brand Power: Dispensaries don't yet hold the brand power of established retail giants, making it harder to attract top talent.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Compliance with ever-evolving cannabis regulations is a constant challenge in the hiring process.
  • Product Knowledge: Identifying candidates with in-depth knowledge of cannabis products and strains can be difficult.
  • Customer Service Skills: Ensuring staff possess exceptional customer service skills and product expertise is crucial for success.

Understanding these challenges is the first step in creating a successful dispensary hiring strategy. By acknowledging these hurdles, dispensary owners can tailor their recruitment process to overcome them and attract the best talent to their business.

How to Streamline Dispensary Recruitment

Now that you’ve got a better picture of some of the unique challenges of dispensary hiring, it’s time to move on to exploring helpful solutions.

Streamlining your dispensary hiring process involves a series of steps that can make your recruitment more efficient and effective. From creating a recruitment SOP to leveraging technology, these steps are designed to help you navigate the unique challenges of dispensary hiring and attract the best talent to your business.

Here are seven ways to streamline your dispensary hiring.

1. Create a Recruitment SOP

Think of this as your game plan. Before you even post a job ad, you should have a clear picture of the entire recruitment process. Here are some things to consider:

  • Where will you share or advertise the job posting?
  • How many positions are you hiring for?
  • What is the pay rate or range?
  • When is the start date?
  • How long do you expect the recruitment process to take from publishing the job posting to sending an offer letter?
  • How many interviews will there be?
  • What are your applicant screening questions and interview questions?
  • Who will be conducting the interviews, and where (virtual or in-store)?
  • Why should an applicant want to work for you?

Remember, the more detailed your SOP, the smoother your hiring process will be.

Quick Tips for Creating a Recruitment SOP

Here are a few quick tips for creating your recruitment SOP:

  • Limit interviews to 2-3 max.
  • Disclose pay in the job ad.
  • Use screening questions to filter top applicants.
  • Publish the ad in multiple places.

Having a clear recruitment SOP can significantly streamline your dispensary hiring process and ensure you attract the right candidates.

A dispensary recruitment manager is holding a LinkedIn-style board that says #Hiring.

2. Craft Compelling Job Descriptions

Your job description is your first chance to attract the right candidates. Make it count! Here's what a compelling job description includes:

  • Description of the Role: A clear outline of the role, responsibilities, and expectations.
  • Pay Expectations: The pay rate or range.
  • Required Qualifications: Essential qualifications, certifications, and industry-specific training.
  • Company Highlights: A showcase of your dispensary's unique work environment, company culture, and perks/benefits.

Remember, the job posting is an advertisement. It's your chance to sell your dispensary to potential employees and convince them that your business is the place to grow their careers. Make it appealing!

3. Leverage Technology in Dispensary Hiring

In today's digital age, technology can be a powerful ally in your dispensary hiring process. By incorporating an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) like KayaPush, you can automate and simplify many aspects of recruitment. Here's how:

  • Efficient Candidate Management: An ATS allows you to keep track of all applicants in one place, making it easier to manage and review candidates.
  • Customizable Screening Questions: With KayaPush, you can tailor screening questions to your needs, helping you filter out top candidates from the get-go.
  • Automated Offer Letters: No more drafting individual offer letters. KayaPush lets you generate and share offer letters with a single click.
  • Remote Onboarding: Remote onboarding allows new hires to complete the necessary paperwork and start their training process even before their first day.

The benefits of technology not only save time but also ensure a smooth transition for new hires, setting them up for success from day one.

A screenshot from KayaPush, a leading dispensary recruitment platform.

4. Develop Talent Pipelines and Internal Growth Opportunities

Invest in the future of your dispensary by building relationships and creating growth opportunities. Here's how:

  • Build relationships with cannabis education and training programs.
  • Attend university job fairs to attract fresh talent.
  • Create career advancement paths for existing employees.
  • Implement employee referral programs to attract qualified candidates through internal networks.

By investing in your current employees and building strong relationships with educational institutions, you can ensure a steady flow of qualified candidates for your dispensary.

5. Streamlining the Interview

The interview process is your chance to get to know potential employees, but it is also their chance to elevate you as an employer. Make it count by:

  • Conducting efficient and informative interviews with standardized questions.
  • Streamlining background checks and reference verifications.
  • Limiting the number of interviews per candidate and the number of candidates interviewed.
  • Being accommodating around an applicant's schedule — remember, they are taking unpaid time out of their day to meet with you.

The interview process is your chance to get to know potential employees and assess their fit for your dispensary. By streamlining this process, you can ensure you make the right hiring decisions.

A dispensary candidate is in the interview stage of the dispensary recruitment process.

6. Provide Comprehensive Onboarding and Training

Once you've hired your new employees, set them up for success with comprehensive onboarding and training. KayaPush's digital onboarding solution can help streamline this process. 

It may feel easier to just wing training (they’ll learn on the job, right?) but this is a crucial mistake that many business owners make. Thorough training is the secret weapon your team needs to succeed and crush sales targets, and when a company takes the time to train and mentor, it reminds staff that they care about their career development. Comprehensive onboarding and training boosts employee retention rates, saving you time and money in the long run.

For more information, check out six helpful tips on how to create a budtender onboarding plan.

7. Measure Success and Continuous Improvement

Finally, always look for ways to improve. Track key performance indicators (KPIs) in the hiring process and gather feedback from new hires to improve onboarding and training. 

By measuring your success and continuously looking for ways to improve, you can ensure your dispensary hiring process remains effective and efficient.

Final Thoughts on Dispensary Recruitment

Streamlining dispensary hiring is crucial for success in the competitive cannabis industry. Investing in efficient recruitment practices can save time, reduce costs, and attract top talent. 

For more information on how KayaPush can help streamline your dispensary hiring process, click here.

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