How to Create Digital Experiences for Your Dispensary: Interview with an Expert

The cannabis industry is gradually getting more digitalized, and you should expect this change to highly impact your dispensary business in the next few years.

Now, this isn’t about turning your traditional marketing strategy into a digital one – like breaking down your brick walls and becoming an eCommerce store overnight. It is about using technology as an integral part of your dispensary business, working hand-in-hand with your staff to provide the best customer journey.

But how can you do that, and what do you need? 

Join us as we feature Amber Erickson, a reputable cannabis marketing expert, and her proven tips on creating quality in-store digital experiences that will make your sales bloom.

Amber Erickson is the marketing head at Seed Technology, a company solely interested in helping cannabis dispensary owners build a unique customer journey through digital solutions. Previously, she was the head of content for the cannabis POS provider, Flowhub. Amber holds a master’s in holistic health studies and a BA in journalism, and she boasts awards for editorial and marketing accomplishments. 

In episode 19 of the Kaya Cast podcast
, Amber shares some tips on creating digital experiences within your dispensary business. So grab a cup of coffee and let’s dive in.

Improve Customer Experience and Sales With Self-Service Kiosks

According to Amber, “TV menus on the wall, promotional graphics displaying upcoming events, the interactive tablets and the touch screen kinds of kiosks” are all crucial components for providing a digital in-store experience for your customers. 

How, you say?

Touch screen kiosks provide customers with a self-service option. Imagine walking up to your favorite cannabis dispensary, where tons of people wait in line to speak with the budtender. Instead of joining the queue, you can just fiddle with the digital kiosk next to you to learn about the products and add your choices to your cart. In fact, Amber believes that, “There's an opportunity for customers to understand what products you have that could support what they're looking to get out of their cannabis experience.” 

Let's say one of your consumers wants a relaxation CBD product. A self-service kiosk can provide recommendations that will help customers achieve their goals. It can also upsell and cross-sell by recommending complementary products. Amber reported that one of her clients in Massachusetts got an astonishing 26% increase in cart size after utilizing theis same self-service strategy.

A cannabis shopper is paying at a dispensary with a self-service kiosk.

Utilize In-Store Display to Create a Consistent Digital Experience

If you were to walk into a modern restaurant, there is a high possibility that your eyes get fixed on the menu screens.

TV menus in dispensaries are already becoming the norm. Customers can scan the screen as they walk in to see if their desired product is available. That is a whole lot better than waiting to ask the budtender, who may be busy assisting other customers.

But you can do much more with screens than just display your cannabis products. Amber suggests “letting your shoppers know your hours with wall TVs and promotional graphics, your daily deals, changes in policy, changes in law, and the new products you're carrying." 

"You can also brand videos and other types of media to help customers understand who you are, why they should shop with you, and what you offer."

These in-store experiences will help your customers make accurate and quick shopping decisions.

A budtender is using an iPad to research a cannabis product for an in-store customer.

Key Takeaways

Introducing self-service kiosks and other digital tools will increase your customer engagement and interaction, bring more opportunities to upsell and cross-sell, enhance speedy checkout, and even reduce the cost of staffing.

So if you need help with digitalizing your business or want to increase your ROI, check out the full interview with Amber and learn more about creating a unique digital in-store experience for your dispensary.

A promotional graphic for the Kaya Cast podcast, which explore creating digital experiences for dispensaries.

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