Treez is the leading enterprise cloud commerce platform providing POS software, retail analytics, cashless payments, and integrated partner solutions to retail operators in the biggest state markets in the cannabis industry. Treez helps retailers streamline their growth, increase the efficiency of their operations, and increase their ROI.

Partner and Integration Details:

Integration Details:

Partner Details:

  • KayaPush brings in live and historical sales data from Treez POS
  • The heat map leverages Treez’s data to help you schedule smarter and be more efficient and effective with your labor costs
  • For operators with multiple locations, KayaPush’s Enterprise Dashboard consolidates all your locations to easily track sales and forecast labor
  • Treez offers built-in ID checking, purchase limit alerts & queuing, and live syncing on all orders from cannabis marketplaces
  • Offline mode keeps lines moving even when Wi-Fi drops
  • Treez serves businesses in California, Colorado, Michigan, Arizona, Missouri, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Nevada, Maine, South Dakota, Mississippi, and Illinois

What is the value of the integration to our clients?

Schedule smarter

Customize labor to sales costs breakdown
Understand how many employees to schedule based on forecasted labor cost from historical sales data brought in from Treez

Visualize your business traffic

Understand the slowest and busiest times
Understand which employees should be working at which times

Analyze actionable insights for growth

View dashboards and key metrics at the click of a button
Easy access to real-time labor vs sales reports
Manage multiple locations in 1 easy dashboard

Getting started

To connect Treez to KayaPush:

  1. Ensure you have an existing KayaPush and Treez account
  2. Please contact our support team at to begin