Integrate Dutchie and KayaPush

Automatically send labor and sales data from the Dutchie POS to KayaPush. Kayah will pull in the live and historical sales data from the POS to project sales and compare it to labour while scheduling. Save time and reduce errors from manual entry and get more accurate forecasting, planning, reporting, break down details, and scheduling.

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A POS built specifically for dispensaries. Support any operation, big or small; Payments, tracking, compliance, inventory, and so much moreā€”all seamlessly connected. Integrate to combine Point of sale, e-commerce, and payments solutions to build a unified technology stack that simplifies your operations.

Supported data

Dispensary data:

  • Revenue centers list
  • Sales category list
  • Product and product category list

Employee data:

  • Employee list
  • Employee position
  • Employee salary

Sales data:

  • Daily sales
  • Transaction sales total
  • KPIs summarized by date

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