Cure8 is a leading cannabis technology and security provider that helps make tech easy for cannabis businesses. Tech and security is critical for maintaining compliance and operational efficiency in the cannabis industry. Cure8 helps you build, manage, and scale the technology infrastructure that ensures you always have fast, reliable access to quality solutions like KayaPush and cannabis POS software.

Partner and Integration Details:

Integration Details:

Partner Details:

  • Cure8 is proud to serve the cannabis industry and only the cannabis industry! They have an in-depth understanding of industry regulations, technology, and business operations
  • Cure8 helps create and implements networks, design plans, POS solutions, surveillance systems, and more
  • Cure8 can help you avoid overspending on your buildout and ensure a smooth launch and trouble-free, compliant operation
  • Cure8’s extensive team monitors, maintains, and supports your tech 24/7
  • Cure8 can help your cannabis business take the next step by handling the tech aspects of new facility rollouts and assisting with post-M&A integration of systems

What is the value of the integration to our clients?

Schedule smarter

Customize labor to sales costs breakdown

Visualize your business traffic

Understand the slowest and busiest times
Understand which employees should be working at which times

Analyze actionable insights for growth

View dashboards and key metrics at the click of a button
Easy access to real-time labor vs sales reports
Manage multiple locations in 1 easy dashboard

Getting started