Why Creating a Compelling Benefits Package Might Just Be Your Superpower

Jessica Cranney
September 27, 2023

In the bustling world of business, there's a secret weapon that top companies are wielding. No, it's not a swanky office or endless snacks (though those are cool too). It's a killer benefits package. 

Let's deep dive into why creating a compelling benefits package is the game-changer you didn't know you needed.

Physical Wellness: More than Just Muscles!

Physical wellness goes beyond the gym; it's about creating an environment where employees thrive.

Why it Rocks

A physically fit team isn't just about looking good in those company tees. It's about energy, vitality, and fewer sick days. When your team feels good, they work even better. Plus, a healthy team means a vibrant and dynamic workplace.

Cool Stuff to Include

How about a gym partnership for employee discounts or in-house yoga sessions? Maybe even a company sports league. Touchdown! And don't forget health screenings – catching potential issues early can be a lifesaver. 

Plus, consider hosting monthly health challenges, like "Walktober," where everyone tracks their steps. It's fun, competitive, and oh-so-healthy!

An man is running on a treadmill, as part of his employee benefits package.

Financial Wellness: Show Me the Money!

Money matters, and not just on payday. Financial wellness is about empowering your team to make smart money moves.

Why it Rocks

Financial stress is a silent productivity killer. By offering financial tools and resources in your benefits package, you're not just boosting your team's bank accounts, but their morale, too. Financial stability leads to peace of mind, which can skyrocket productivity.

Cool Stuff to Include

Beyond the basic retirement plans, consider individual financial advising sessions, subsidized child care, and student loan assistance. Heck, why not throw in a "Save that Change" challenge with some fun prizes? 

And for those big life moments, like buying a home or starting a family, offer seminars or webinars to help navigate the financial maze.

Children are in subsidized daycare, an employee benefits package perk.

Self-Care: Because We All Need a Little TLC!

In today's high-stress world, self-care isn't a luxury; it's a necessity. It's about ensuring your team has the tools to recharge and refresh.

Why it Rocks

Burnout is real, and it's a beast. Offering self-care perks to employees shows your team that their mental and emotional well-being is a top priority. Plus, a mentally rejuvenated team brings creativity and innovation to the table.

Cool Stuff to Include

Mental health days are another good place to start. But let's level up with meditation corners, "Talk it Out Tuesdays" with counselors, and maybe even in-house massage sessions. Bliss! And don't forget about workshops on work-life balance and managing stress. Everyone needs a little help sometimes.

A team is participating in a mental wellness seminar as part of their employee benefits.

Career Development: Level Up!

Growth isn't just about climbing the corporate ladder; it's about personal development and expanding horizons.

Why it Rocks

No one wants to feel stuck in a career rut. Offering development opportunities is like handing your team a ladder and saying, "Climb as high as you want!" Investing in their growth also means investing in the company's future.

Cool Stuff to Include

Make sure you include networking events, training webinars, and other fun opportunities for employees in your quarterly budget.

Skill-building workshops are a must. Add in mentorship programs, like a "Dream Big" brainstorming session. For those with leadership aspirations, consider a leadership development program for the next generation of company leaders via executive and individual leadership coaching sessions.

Employees are participating in a manager training course, offered as part of their employee perks.

Healthcare: Not Just for Sniffles and Coughs!

Healthcare is more than just doctor visits; it's about providing comprehensive care that addresses all aspects of well-being — and it is a top priority that employees look for in a benefits package.

Why it Rocks

Health is the real wealth. A comprehensive healthcare package can be the deciding factor for many potential hires. Plus, when employees know they're covered, they can focus on their work without health-related distractions.

Cool Stuff to Include for US Employers

Beyond the basics of doctors and hospitals, dental and vision care are becoming non-negotiables. And guess what? Employees love them! 

Delta Dental, one of the major dental insurance providers in the US, even suggests that regular dental check-ups can detect other health issues.

Cool Stuff to Include for Canadian Employers

With a robust public healthcare system, Canadian employers can focus on the cherries on top. We're talking massage therapy coverage, physio, dental care, and those stylish new glasses.

A woman is using her employee benefits package to get a massage.

Final Thoughts on Creating a Benefits Package

Your benefits package is more than just a list of perks. It's a statement that says, "We care about you, not just as an employee but as a person." It's about creating a culture where people feel valued, supported, and motivated to bring their A-game every single day.

So, if you haven't given your benefits package the love and attention it deserves, now's the time. It's not just an investment in your team but in the future success of your business.

Ready to rock the benefits world? Reach out to GRN Mile High to start building your ultimate benefits package.

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