Learn How This American Dispensary Saves 360 Hours Per Year!

March 29, 2022

What would you do with an additional 360 hours each year?  In this article, we meet the dispensary team who leveraged technology to take back their time.

We'll learn about the challenges they faced, and the technology they used overcome them.

Kansas City Cannabis

Introducing Kansas City Cannabis Dispensary, the dispensary operating out of Missouri, USA. Kansas City is dedicated to offering medical marijuana patients a carefully curated, and reasonably priced selection of the top Missouri-grown cannabis flowers, extracts, and infused goods.  

We sat down with Corey, the chief of staff, and Janet, administrative director to learn more about running a cannabis store, and how they used software to save thousands of dollars, and hundreds of hours every year.

With the expansion of the cannabis industry, and the opening of new locations the team realized there was a need for a stronger management plan to keep up with the increased number of staff and customers.

Scaling in the cannabis retail business, as well as streamlining HR, payroll, and personnel management systems, became a daunting task as a result of this expansion.

Therefore, they decided that it was time to implement an effective human resource management strategy as the company grew in size.

The goal was to spend less time on data processing, and employee management systems to keep the dispensary compliant.
 - Corey, Kansas City Cannabis

Life before using the KayaPush system.

Before KayaPush, employees who were frequently clocking in early, or late was a regular source of frustration, and cost the business a lot of time in lost labor. 

To make matters worse, the administrative task of manually double checking and adjusting time clocks was also adding hours onto each day, and calculating payroll based on incorrect data was causing them to lose profits and time.

It was an inefficient system, prone to error - and it was time for a change.

The team needed a system that could simplify the process of managing staff and resolve poor data management. They needed KayaPush.

Taking care of business.

Things improved quickly after implementing the KayaPush people management solution.

Now staff can punch in via facial recognition time tracking - and if someone punches in outside of their scheduled shift - the business is alerted, and can make the fix quickly and without friction.

Once clocked hours are approved, they simply streamline approved hours to payroll, and voila, payroll is done.

Thanks to this system the dispensary team are able to give their employees more freedom to work efficiently and autonomously.

Janet shared that thanks to these implementations, she has noticed  spend less time on administrative tasks, which is ultimately the goal.

The KayaPush software program helps me maximize my profits. One of the most important benefits of KayaPush in my dispensary is the ability to view all activities on one screen and see how much we're spending on labor.
- Janet, Kansas City Cannabis

It’s the things you can’t measure.

Janet shared how using a system to manage staff aids on maximizing firm profit. Because it provides clear insights on how much is being spent on labor and how many hours each employee works.  This helps save money by removing excesses.  It also makes creating schedules more enjoyable overall.

Crushing business goals

Corey likes the KayaPush application because it allows keeping track of how many hours each person works and whether or not one of them is working excessively long hours. Using this system, the team now only has to approve time clocks once a week, and the system is very user-friendly.

Having a system that is integrated and automated has also saved the team up to 30 hours per week by eliminating redundant administrative tasks, that's 360 hours each year!

Would you recommend KayaPush? 

The team was kind in sharing that they believed that any dispensary in the United States that wants to stay in business for a long time should use KayaPush's reliable services.
Thank you Kansas City Cannabis!

It only took two weeks to get used to it, but it was less time than not having it, and it quickly became one of our most valuable scheduling and reporting tools.
- Janet, Kansas City Cannabis

The End Result


  • Full time manual payroll would take too much time
  • Managing a store with staff was tricky
  • Software solutions seemed daunting and complex.


  • Straightforward solution
  • Easy to use payroll 
  • Integrated scheduling and time tracking to streamline operations
  • Compliant software to ensure store compliance


  • Up to date employees' hourly data. 
  • Accurate reporting and transparent bookkeeping solutions.
  • Up to date employee payment and pay structure.
  • Credible employee attendance, punctuality, and tax details.
  • Easy streamlining of all dispensary management operations systems.

increase dispensary sales

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