The Best Dispensary Payroll Software | A Top 5 Comparison

June 24, 2021

These are the top 5 dispensary payroll software solutions for the cannabis industry.

Today we compare these top-rated dispensary payroll software solutions, in no particular order: 

  • KayaPush
  • Zenefits
  • ADP
  • Gusto
  • Greenleaf

In this article, we explore what each software provides to see how these unique solutions can help support a dispensary owner's specific needs. We also consider their pros and cons, and other functionalities regarding the markets they serve. 

What is dispensary payroll software?

Dispensary payroll software is a payroll solution for a cannabis dispensary. It is an on-premises or cloud-based system application that cannabis-related businesses employ to facilitate workforce management (including recruitment), employee payment and pay structure, attendance and punctuality, and even tax details.

A good dispensary payroll software should allow for processing, compliance, and integration opportunities with the rest of the workforce management suite. In other words, the dispensary payroll software should make compliance with regulations one of its top priorities. It should also make provisions for integration with other operational systems such as POS systems, time clocks, and/or schedulers to ensure optimal benefits.

Dispensary payroll software saves businesses from the cost of human error when computing time, resources, and cash flow. It also provides compliance tips for cannabis businesses so that they can focus on building the business without slipping up on any regulatory issues. 

Dispensary payroll software can include: 

  • Automated tax calculations
  • Integrations with workforce management software
  • Integrations with POS software
  • Integrations with accounting software
  • Automated holiday pay calculations
  • Internal staff portals where staff can access documents
  • Direct deposit functionality
dispensary payroll software 1

Breaking down the top 5 dispensary payroll software solutions:


Run payroll at the push of a button. When running payroll for your dispensary, KayaPush offers a robust system that is second to none in the industry. Aside from offering a solution that streamlines approved employee hours directly to payroll, KayaPush also integrates with leading cannabis POS brands and bookkeeping solutions, giving you more transparency and ease of use than any other solution. 

Who is KayaPush best suited for?

KayaPush is an excellent fit for any dispensary that is a solo operation or that operates as part of a chain because it offers multi-unit monitoring from the same platform. Finally, for Canadian users KayaPush offers automated statutory holiday pay calculations and overtime alerts. For American clients, payroll taxes and deductions can be calculated. KayaPush will help you keep your dispensary compliant and save more each month with its ease of use. 

What we like most about the software. 

We have three favorite things when it comes to KayaPush dispensary payroll software. First, we love how easy it is to use, making it the ideal tool for managers or business owners looking to manage their hourly employees. Payroll is done with the push of a button. 

Next, we love that KayaPush is an integrated, a-la-carte system. This means that one could choose payroll to start off with and then build the system out to integrate time tracking with facial recognition, HR with self-onboarding reports on sales and labor bookkeeping, and scheduling to create a full back-end operations system. 

Our final favorite feature is that the software integrates with leading POS systems, as well as leading bookkeeping solutions. This means that your entire dispensary management operations system can be streamlined.

What’s missing from the software?

Although KayaPush nearly has it all, especially for Canadian clients, they are still building out state by state when offering automated holiday pay calculations for American clients.

What states currently offer KayaPush payroll?

KayaPush offers integrated workforce management and dispensary payroll to the following states and provinces: 

  • All Canadian Provinces and Territories
  • Missouri
  • Illinois
  • Oklahoma
  • California
  • Colorado (coming soon)

KayaPush also offers workforce management solutions to: 

  • Maine
  • Michigan
  • Vermont


Zenefits is an all-encompassing cloud-based HR platform that offers robust HR and payroll services, including well-being and performance apps. 

With Zenefits, you can run your cannabis business while staying compliant with governing regulations. There are built-in safeguards that prevent accidental errors while the compliance calendar keeps you updated on deadlines.

Who is Zenefits best suited for? 

Zenefits is best-suited for small and medium-sized businesses. It is not industry-specific for cannabis businesses, but provides the much-needed regulatory service in addition to other HR and payroll services. 

What we like most about the software.

One of the things we love most about Zenefits is that you can manage all your HR services from one dashboard. It has great integration with time and clock-in and payroll, so you can save time that you might otherwise have spent chasing down PTO requests. Its integration with an applicant tracking system also makes it easy to transfer data from your mobile device to the software.

When it comes to processing federal taxes, you can count on Zenefits to do a perfect job. It also has a mobile app version that improves user experience.

We like that Zenefits makes most of its features such as self onboarding, selecting benefits, and signing documents to take place online. This has benefits for  cutting down on adminitrative time and reducing paper waste..

What’s missing from the software?

We found that Zenefits is missing a POS integration, which means that you can’t use it to measure sales vs. labor. 

The software could have better customer support that meets clients' immediate needs rather than referring them to links that may not help with their issues. 

dispensary payroll software 2


ADP is a comprehensive global provider of cloud-based human capital management (HCM) solutions that unite payroll, HR, talent acquisition, tax and benefits administration, and time tracking. They are a leader in business outsourcing services, analytics, and compliance expertise.

They have been helping companies all of sizes for the past 70 years, but it should be noted that, unlike other payroll companies on this list, they do not specialize in cannabis.

ADP offers three unique solutions based on industry size and vertical. Their features adapt depending on your chosen size, offering more complex functionality with an integrations ecosystem comprising of non-cannabis-specific POS solutions, accounting solutions, and HR solutions for large-scale organizations. It should be noted that some of these integrations may not offer their services to those in the cannabis space.

Who is ADP best suited for?

ADP is best suited for cannabis companies that also operate outside of the industry; for example, a retailer who is now interested in opening a dispensary. ADP does not specialize in cannabis operations, but they do serve companies of all sizes across (essentially) every industry. From hospitality to health care, ADP has you covered.

What we like most about the software.

We love that ADP offers an all-in-one solution. From payroll and time tracking to tax and benefits administration, they have your human capital management covered. They also offer an extensive integration ecosystem, which makes it easy to work with your existing software.

ADP is unique in that they offer HR outsourcing. You can choose to outsource some or all of your HR tasks to a partner who is an extension of your team. You can also choose to partner with ADP as a professional employer organization (PEO) for full outsourcing. Gain dedicated experts and powerful technology for HR and payroll, plus benefits, workplace safety, and workers' compensation claims assistance. It's always nice to know that there is someone ready to help when you need it.

What’s missing from the software? 

As ADP does not specialize in cannabis, there are some industry specific functionalities missing, such as cannabis compliance. ADP has also been known to drop plant-touching cannabis payroll clients due to federal banking regulations.

ADP does not offer an integrated HRIS solution for employers to manage and centralize their staff documents or payroll tax information. Instead, ADP offers partner solutions and consulting services. This takes your essential employee documents outside of your system. In cannabis, digitizing all employee documents and living in one central location is key to compliance.

The software is also missing some key payroll automation features such as automated ROE filling, automated stat holiday pay and overtime pay calculations, and automated payroll tax calculations.


If you need a modern, online-based, people-centric payroll software that offers numerous services and integration, Gusto is the go-to software. Gusto simplifies the process of onboarding, payment, and insurance to keep your employees motivated for better work. Everything from payroll to sending offer letters and setting up the software is just a click away.

Small businesses can benefit from the payroll management and benefits management service. With Gusto, you can also manage already existing healthcare for your employees or pick one from their suggestion catalog. It also offers commuter and retirement benefits to employees.

Who is Gusto best suited for?

Gusto payroll software welcomes cannabis dispensaries and other cannabis-related businesses across various staff sizes—small, medium, or large.

What we like most about the software.

One of the perks of Gusto is the full-service payroll that integrates workforce management services such as time and attendance tracking, health insurance, retirement planning, and workers' benefits. It simplifies HR and also enables employees to make their requests. 

The user interface is friendly and easy to use but still maintains precision and accuracy. It also allows for multiple employees to use the same account, thereby saving costs.

Another beneficial solution Gusto offers is the numerous templates on HR built by experts. This saves tons of time and resources that would have gone into crafting them from scratch. One can pick from their templates to design performance evaluations, job descriptions and offer letters, and even templates on labor law policy.

There is a dedicated team of HR support experts on the ground to protect the business from expensive compliance mistakes. For businesses with employees across several states, Gusto provides information about employer regulations in new states and locales.

What’s missing from the software? 

We noticed that the reporting tools weren't too robust. Also, Gusto runs on an internet interface, and this can hamper productivity when the internet is slow.

dispensary payroll software 3

Greenleaf HR

Greenleaf HR is regulation-focused cannabis industry-based software that allows you to outsource all your payroll services. It employs a cloud-based integration system that ensures every essential detail is covered. It offers unlimited and dedicated HR support and provides better access to employee benefits. With Greenleaf HR, you can view and manage payroll, onboarding, and attendance from anywhere. 

Who is Geenleaf HR best suited for?

Greenleaf HR is designed specifically for the cannabis industry and helps clients focus on business growth without the worries of regulations.

What we like most about the software.

Greenleaf HR takes the burden of payroll and tax services off the client's shoulders at the touch of a button. The software integrates payroll with a time and attendance tracker to save your business time and cost. It also offers access to high-quality insurance and employee benefits through Greenleaf Hr's unique PEO model.

For cannabis businesses that have to deal with regulations, Greenleaf HR has made it easy to focus on your business. They handle the regulation requirements for state and federal law, keeping you compliant. 

What’s missing from the software?

We didn't find a POS integration with this software. In addition, the software does not offer many health and retirement benefits for employees.

In Conclusion: Selecting Your Dispensary Payroll Software

Running a cannabis business involves considering many factors in order to stay out of trouble. With a dispensary payroll software that automates and simplifies payroll and HR services, one can focus on the main task of growing and sustaining the business.

While there is no perfect payroll software, it is essential to choose a software that you find easy to navigate and functional to your core demands. Also, consider software that keeps you abreast of the unstable regulatory practices in the cannabis industry. 

You might be interested to know 4 features to look for in dispensary payroll software.

Some payroll software offer different services across different states. Choose a dispensary payroll software that meets your organization's goals and gives you the desired quality for your money. You can check out G2 and Capterra to find the best dispensary payroll software in North America. 

The cannabis industry continues to face regulation conflict between the federal and state laws, which impacts cannabis-related businesses, especially when it comes to dispensary payroll. The industry has experienced massive growth following recent trends in legalization across several US states, but it continues to encounter challenges, especially with limited banking opportunities. 

Since the federal law still regards cannabis pedaling as illegal, investing in a cannabis-related business is like walking in a minefield because of the still-evolving legal regulations. 

Businesses also face difficulty with financial institutions. It isn't easy to obtain loans or partnerships from federal financial institutions and access traditional banking services. This means that cash remains the key method of transactions.

Without the support of bank structures, cannabis industries have taken a bull approach towards keeping accurate payroll by subscribing to payroll software designed for the industry. 

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