Meet Your Dispensary's New Best Bud, KayaPush

June 23, 2021

What is KayaPush?

Meet KayaPush, the powerful employee management and payroll solution helping cannabis dispensaries across North America streamline their operations, manage their people, and grow their business. 

We are pleased to officially announce the launch of the KayaPush brand, as we share its evolution over the past 9 years.

The technology behind the brand has been refined with the ever present goal of helping business owners thrive, and now boasts a unique solution to solve the unique needs of the quickly evolving cannabis industry. 

The growth story.

Founded in 2012, Push Operations was built with the intent to to serve restaurants and business owners who were navigating the challenging territory of managing multiple employees with variable hourly rates together with storefront operations.

Tommy Truong, Director of Partnerships at Push, recently shared in an interview that, the goal was always to put the power back into the business owners hands by creating a streamlined solution that made managing business operations easy.

“ The goal was always to put the power back into the business owners hands” - Tommy Truong, Director of Partnerships, KayaPush

Over the last nine years, Push has served over thousands of small businesses and restaurants, establishing itself as one of the leading workforce management solutions.

New markets.

Regulatory changes in the cannabis industry were the catalyst for new business opportunities; prompting many clients on the existing Push platform to explore this growing sector.

Witnessing this shift prompted Push to tailor its solution to serve this unique market, helping business owners overcome challenges such as limited payroll, banking, and workforce solutions.

A unique industry like cannabis deserves a unique solution, this is what inspired Push to expand its reach by launching a new brand dedicated to serving cannabis retail stores.  

In an industry that is heavily regulated, KayaPush is the solution that helps cannabis dispensary owners overcome common technical and industry hurdles.

KayaPush provides a solution that facilitates increased compliance for dispensary owners with unique features like alerts, customizable surveys and facial recognition technology.  Compliance continues with the powerful ability to integrate with leading compliant cannabis POS brands.

“KayaPush is the solution that helps cannabis dispensary owners overcome common technical and industry hurdles”

The KayaPush solution also offers dispensary owners the ability to manage multiple dispensary locations from the same platform.

Finally, KayaPush has built a unique solution for payroll by building a software that streamlines employee approved hours directly to payroll.  This enables store owners to run payroll with the click of a button, while staying compliant with payroll taxes and regulations. 

What this means for dispensary owners who use Push.

If you are a dispensary owner who is currently using the Push platform, you don't have to do anything.

The KayaPush brand is our commitment to advancing and catering this wing of the software to better serve dispensary owners like you.

Expect the same great software, but with more dispensary specific features and integrations to come! If you have any questions, please contact our support team and they will be happy to help.

What’s next? 

We are elated to introduce the KayaPush arm of the Push brand, and look forward to continually adding features to the software to make running dispensary operations easy. 

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