13 Tips To Run a Compliant Dispensary in Oklahoma

July 20, 2021

Want to open, run or grow a dispensary? Great! Then learning about the Oklahoma marijuana laws should be your number one priority if you want to stay compliant. This will set you on your way to making your cannabis dispensary one of the best and most recognized recreational and medical marijuana serving centers in Oklahoma.

A lot is happening in the realm of ever-evolving marijuana law. However, just like the new Metrc legislation that was recently enacted for dispensaries in Oklahoma, dispensary owners must adhere to tight restrictions to remain compliant.

Because the rules governing cannabis in Oklahoma vary depending on geography, you must not use a rule intended for a locality area other than the one in which you conduct your trade. Oklahoma marijuana laws carry severe penalties and fines for individuals who do not follow the local guidelines and state marijuana protocols.

In this article, we will cover everything dispensary owners need to know about operating a cannabis-compliant dispensary in the state of Oklahoma.

13 Things you need to know to run a cannabis compliance dispensary according to Oklahoma marijuana laws.

You'll learn about the potential 13 things  that a cannabis dispensary owner  in Oklahoma will need to do  to stay compliant in the eyes of legislators (OMMA) and the general public.

1 - Make sure your OMMA license is up to date.

The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) was created to supervise the state's medical marijuana program. OMMA requires a Medical Marijuana Certificate of Compliance (MMCC) as part of the medical marijuana business licensing application for both new and renewal licenses.

The OMMA license in your possession is not a lifelong certification—it will have an expiry date, and will need regular renewal. Cannabis dispensary licenses are only valid for a year from the date they were issued. OMMA has the prerogative to revoke your cannabis license if you break any of the Oklahoma marijuana laws. To run a cannabis compliance dispensary in Oklahoma, you must renew your license before it expires.

OMMA is in charge of licensing, regulating, and administering the program, which is mandated by state legislation. Any license from them indicates that your dispensary is legitimate. However, once it expires, the state will no longer recognize your dispensary, and you will be found in violation of Oklahoma marijuana regulations.

Marijuana is a sensitive substance treated with high regard in Oklahoma, and you should do likewise.

2 - Comply with Metrc.

Metrc became a significant element in Oklahoma marijuana laws on June 30th, 2021. Metrc is a reporting platform that is able to track cannabis production and products from seed to sale in the regulated cannabis business.  It was established to help monitor the growth of marijuana up to the stage when it is dispensed.

To have access to Metrc, you must first obtain Metrc certification. This entails learning their vocabulary and workflow, as well as completing 40 multiple-choice voice tests. You can apply for access to select API endpoints that your firm requires once you've been certified.

Complying with Metrc shows your dispensary is observing the new rules guiding marijuana services in Oklahoma. Click here to learn how your dispensaries can navigate the Metrc system.

3 - Know who your Oklahoma dispensary can legally sell to.

Knowing who you can legally sell your marijuana to is another way to verify that your dispensary complies with Oklahoma marijuana laws.

According to some parts of the Oklahoma marijuana laws, only residents over the age of 18 with valid medical marijuana licenses are permitted to use marijuana in the city. As a licensed dispenser, it is your responsibility to ensure that you observe this law by always asking for clients' licenses before selling marijuana to them.

4 - Take responsibility for the product you sell.

This reference sheet  explains that when it comes to cannabis, the product that the dispensary sells must adhere to strict testing criteria. And, at the end of the day,  it is the dispensary owner's job to ensure that all of these boxes are checked. 

The product must be monitored from seed to sale, from validating COA documentation and analyzing harvest production batch numbers to reporting any product that does not comply with regulations or has been discarded. Seed-to-sale software can help automate these processes, but you must be aware of the constraints under which you operate regardless of which program you choose.

5 - Be vigilant with inventory management.

State-mandated seed-to-sale reporting standards present another inventory challenge for cannabis retailers. If your store's physical inventory counts don't match the counts submitted to the state, you could quickly fall out of compliance.

With point of sale software that includes simple inventory monitoring and sophisticated reporting, you can keep track of every gram of merchandise that enters and leaves your store.

6 - Adhere to and track daily purchase limits.

According to Oklahoma marijuana legislation, marijuana patients must adhere to certain guidelines when consuming the drug. If you pay attention to your patients' daily purchases as a dispenser, you can keep them from exceeding their daily dosage.

Given the strong demand for marijuana in Oklahoma, keeping track of daily purchases could prove difficult. However, because the cannabis point-of-sale system  tracks every transaction, your customers will never exceed their allowance.

7 - Follow packaging and labeling requirements.

By scrupulously following marijuana packaging and labeling rules in your cannabis store, you will display your professionalism and quickly become a top marijuana dispenser. 

Marijuana has potential for inconsistencies as a result of cultivation and delivery methods, both of which can affect its efficacy. By following the standards for a well-packaged and labeled product, customers will feel assured that the cannabis you sell has been examined for contaminants.

8 - Make sure your advertising is done correctly.

The promotion of marijuana and its derivatives to enhance public awareness and sales is known as cannabis marketing. Dispensary marketing is unique in that it allows you to use a range of internet and social media platforms. These platforms, when combined with successful tactics, can help you figure out how to reach your target audience.

If you plan on producing advertisements for the services you offer, you must do so following Oklahoma marijuana laws. Your cannabis advertisements should educate your target audience about the proper use of marijuana, the conditions under which it should be used, and the potential adverse effects.

9 - Stay compliant with transportation regulations.

In Oklahoma, transporting marijuana requires that you have a marijuana retailer license and comply with specific transportation requirements. If you want to go into the marijuana industry, keep in mind that Oklahoma has legalized marijuana for recreational use, subject to some transportation restrictions. It's crucial to note, though, that before businesses may legally transport marijuana in states that have legalized it, they must first obtain a state license.

Transporting marijuana in Oklahoma necessitates the possession of a marijuana retailer's license as well as adherence to specific transportation regulations. Any cannabis-related firm, particularly dispensaries, must maintain a professional relationship with regulators and maintain open lines of contact with them.

10 - Understand how the taxes on cannabis work in Oklahoma.

Oklahoma's burgeoning medical marijuana industry is boosting state and municipal tax revenue, but not uniformly. The tax rates in each state differ significantly. Cannabis taxes are expensive, but they help to keep marijuana legal and well-regulated.

Cannabis firms are liable to pay taxes that diverge from those paid by other enterprises. This is because marijuana businesses are not eligible for the same tax breaks as other businesses.

If you are in Oklahoma, then you should be aware that the current tax rate is 4.5 percent. The total tax percentage might increase by 11.5 percent, depending on local municipalities. You can refer to this helpful article here to summarize this point.

The good news is that new technology companies are emerging that offer dispensary payroll solutions specifically for the cannabis space, these companies are aware of the local regulations, and will take care of all of the paperwork for you.

11 - Keep employees documents and licenses up to date.

In Oklahoma, employees who work in a dispensary need to be of legal age. Before attending to customers, dispensary owners must conduct a background check along with other documents on employees. Using a software system that can digitally store employee information—as well as give alerts if a license is up for renewal or void—will help you manage your people.

While you're checking to make sure your licenses don't expire without warning, keep an eye on your employees' licenses as well—because having an employee with an expired license is the same as holding an outdated license yourself.

12 - Remember employee labor laws.

Compliance isn't only restricted to cannabis-related products. When running a dispensary, you also have to follow standard legal practices in managing your personnel. You can learn about employee break compliance, overtime, holiday pay requirements, and time off, to ensure you're following these state-mandated standards. To make things easier, you should invest in an employee management system that interfaces with your payroll so you can handle everything in one shot—set it and forget it.

13 - Invest in a compliance manager.

Hiring a compliance manager is one of the most efficient ways to assure dispensary compliance with Oklahoma marijuana laws. Cannabis compliance is not something to take lightly when it comes to running a dispensary in Oklahoma. One strategy for verifying that your cannabis store is compliant is to hire a compliance manager. Although it is not mandatory, hiring a compliance manager is a sensible decision that will help your dispensary run smoothly.

You'll need a disciplined cannabis-compliant manager to ensure that your other employees follow your dispensary policies. Remember,  when the leader leads, the rest of the team has no choice but to follow. A compliance manager will always result in compliant  employees.

What else do I need to know?

Since there are numerous regulations to follow if you want to open a dispensary, you cannot handle marijuana dispensaries in Oklahoma if you are the type that does not follow government regulations. Your aim should always be to make sure your dispensary is compliant and keeping to the fundamental principles of OMMA.

  • Make sure your dispensary's interior design gives customers a sense of the services they may expect. It is vital to have an attractive store or dispensary, as well as a solid network that can function at all times.
  • Secondly, If your dispensary intends to accept debit card payments, you'll need to familiarize yourself with dispensary payment processing options.
  • Also, to prevent the danger of marking the wrong products, you must have different printers in each terminal.
  • And as you report product sales, your physical store inventory, POS inventory, and Metrc inventory should give equal figures and statements.
  • Again, you are in charge of reviewing the manifest and accepting it if everything is right. When the delivery arrives, you must check the contents to be sure they are genuine. You then accept it in Metrc, indicating to the system that you are the legal owner of this inventory.
  • Importantly, the layout of your store encompasses more than just the outward appearance. It's about your customers' shopping experience. Choose a layout and design that is suited for your dispensary. The challenge is striking a balance between a safe store inventory (that can be tracked, audited, counted, and orders filled) and a pleasant layout and experience.
  • On the other hand, you want your marijuana products, particularly the flower, to stand out at your new dispensary and be easy to find. Customers should be able to smell and research your product offers before making a purchasing decision. An increase in traffic may result in complaints because marijuana is not popular with everyone. If customers can park safely and easily, they will have a better experience.
  • By ensuring that your dispensary SOPs and retail operations are sound, you may build standard operating procedures. Everything should be written down and reviewed and updated regularly to ensure that everyone is familiar with the method. For inventory management and store compliance, write down guidelines and then follow them.
  • Finally, make sure you understand how digital menus, online ordering, and delivery work alongside your inventory. Look for integrations so that the products you see online match the inventory you have.

Cannabis compliance ensures that you have the legal authority to engage in any marijuana-related activity without fear of being interrogated by authorities. Compliance is beneficial to your company's reputation. As a result, it's critical to align your business operations with local cannabis dispensary laws and regulations.

If you want to be the owner of one of the top dispensaries, you must always adhere to any new legislation that the state enacts. When running a marijuana dispensary, your top priority should be to provide services that strictly follow all Oklahoma marijuana laws.

Ready to take the plunge and start making hires? Check out our helpful guide on how to hire a great team!

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