This week the KayaPush team had the pleasure of attending the 10th annual MJBiz con convention in beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada.
MJBizcon is the largest cannabis industry trade show in the world .  And it did not disappoint.

We had a fantastic time meeting others in the space, and encountered people from all aspects of the exciting vertical that is: The cannabis industry.

Understanding the cannabis industry from a vertical perspective.

We are planning on expanding more on this topic at a later date, as understanding the ecosystem and how each aspect works together is oh so satisfying.
But for now, we drafted up a quick overview of what the industry looks like from a high level - in terms of ecosystem, and how it all fits together.

There was a diverse group of companies representing each area within the vertical, along with other companies who didn't technically fit within these boxes - thanks to the innovative nature of the industry.

Although many of these companies were long established, even spanning the entire vertical - seeing everyones unique approach on how to best optimize their operations with in the space was eye opening and inspiring.
This experience gives the industry a sense of adventure and entrepreneurialism not always found in established spaces.
The best part? No two companies approached the industry's unique challenges quite the same way.

What advice would you give someone first starting out in the industry? 

Of course the first question we wanted to ask was geared towards those who were considering entering the industry for the first time. In a multifaceted industry, with diverse vertical opportunities, this question may have seemed like too much to ask. But our experts took it on with ease, all responding with varied, yet eerily similar responses to help newcomers to the space. Check out the video.

What is the next big thing in the cannabis industry? 

In an industry that is moving at lightning speed, we wanted to know what the experts thought when it came to the next big thing on the horizon. No two answers were the same, but one thing was consistent - everyone knew it was a space where change was happening fast. Check out the video!

There is a lot of room in this industry for innovation
- Josh Krenz, EarthScout.

A special thanks to the cannabis experts who participated in our ask an expert video: 

Josh Krenz, EarthScout
Gus Green, Willow Industries
Halle Pennington, Humbolt Seed Company
Trevor Christiansen, Onsharp
Rick Vetanovetz, Hawthorn Gardening Company
Hugh Giordano, UFCW
Michael Wilson, Temeka Group