Dispensary Marketing | Increasing Dispensary Foot Traffic

August 31, 2021

The growing cannabis sector is opening up markets and increasing demand. So, the next hurdle to overcome will be how to market your products. What can you do to increase your dispensary foot traffic?

If you want your brand and business to grow, attracting new consumers is crucial. The objective is to increase everyday visits to your store, so it is crucial that you maximise the advantages of your location and take steps to mitigate any disadvantages.

How can you design a strategy that, despite various regulations, works across the board? No firm can keep all of its current clients, so you must be able to develop new partnerships and attract new customers regularly. Location, traffic, visibility, parking, and proximity to similar merchants are just a few of the aspects that might have an impact on your dispensary's marketing strategy.

Now, to achieve this, your digital marketing strategy must include plans to gain greater understanding of your customers, how to get them to shop with you, and how to make sure they know you exist.

1 - Invest in branding.

Every cannabis dispensary wants to increase foot traffic, and a great way to accomplish this is by drawing customers in with your brand.

You won't be able to strike the bullseye if you don't know where it is. Start the branding process early in the process of opening your dispensary, when you are establishing your location and shopfitting. Then use that same branding to ensure you are showing up in a memorable and consistent way as well.
You want new clients to think of your brand when they think of visiting a dispensary.

When it comes to creating a brand image that reflects your culture, mission, and aesthetic, there’s more to it than a name and logo. A dispensary brand will be communicated in store decor, layout, products, staff interactions and overall vibe. 

In short, every retail company or dispensary should have a strategy designed to make the buying experience and brand as pleasurable and memorable as possible. Your customers will hunt for that satisfaction when they need to buy similar things in the future.

dispensary marketing

2 - Consider your customers.

Just as it is important to know your brand, it is also key to know your customers. So, who are your customers? 

It might be wise to identify the type of clients you expect during this stage, and understand who they are, and what they are looking for.  Dig into this and share the information with your budtenders, and others who interact with the clients regularly.  Using the right voice and approach can help increase traffic, and returning clientele. 

Your customers could be:

  • Experience seekers:
    They're looking for a wonderful atmosphere and substance knowledge—in all likelihood, they’ll be looking for buying assistance.

  • New customers:
    They may be visiting a dispensary for the first time and are searching for a pleasant experience, as well as information and education. The most crucial thing is to create an engaging environment where individuals may ask questions freely.

  • Tourists:
    They could be first-time cannabis users searching for ease of purchase, knowledgeable staff, and a welcoming environment. For many tourists who come from places where cannabis is still illegal, the prospect of walking into an adult-use dispensary and purchasing THC or CBD products may be intimidating, anxiety-inducing, or overly exciting.

  • Pedestrians:
    These clients were not planning on stopping but when they passed by your marketing strategy and shopfront signage and display  caught their attention.

  • Regulars:
    If you have regular customers, you are doing something right.  Be sure to show them how much you appreciate them by learning their names, and preferences.  Working in a cannabis store is working in customer service - giving great service to customers and making them feel special is a sure way to increase the likelihood of their returning visits. Thus increasing your dispensary traffic!

So, you've figured out who's coming, what they might be looking for, and how to catch their attention... Now it’s time to choose the finest method for putting these ideas into action.

dispensary marketing

3 - Consider your marketing strategy.

If you want to increase your dispensaries foot traffic, it would be wise to review your entire marketing strategy. 

There are various dispensary tools available, but it is best to focus on the ones that help you achieve your goals. Traditional and digital marketing methods that work best as attraction agents could be: 

  • Billboards or signage.
    Outdoor signage is an excellent technique to generate foot traffic from passers-by who are unaware that a dispensary is located behind your storefront doors. If your business name and logo don't signal that it's a dispensary, consider adding further information or symbols to clear up any misunderstandings and persuade customers to shop.

  • Flyers or ads with directions.
    You can also distribute flyers with explicit directions to your dispensary, as well as running radio or television commercials with clear directions to your dispensary. 

  • Digital marketing.
    You may also make use of digital marketing tools to promote your business and raise awareness. Although some of these digital marketing strategies are more suited for online traffic in online stores, you can still use them to target both a local and worldwide audience. You can also use digital marketing tools to engage with your customers.

4 - Use events, holidays, and customer groupings to your advantage.

Using special occasions, holidays, and client groupings to your advantage is a great way to increase dispensary foot traffic, and overall buzz!

During these times you could offer discounts to retain existing customers as well as attract new ones to your dispensary. 

Rather than offering generic specials for holidays or events, make it exciting by theming your special around the celebration in question. A clever and witty pun is something that everyone appreciates. Because you cannot be sure what your competitors will come up with after your events, be unique with your activities.

Within this period, make sure your promotions and offerings are available at specific spots around the venue and make provision for delivery, curbside collection, and in-store pickup. 

Finally, use online menus to publicize special events, holidays, or special deals. Also, be sure to promote your event on your social media accounts, your website, and as many local sources as possible, including placing an ad in your local event guide.


There are many ways to market your dispensary, these are just a few of our favourite ideas when it comes to specifically focusing on increasing dispensary foot traffic! If you are looking for more marketing tips be sure to check out our other articles on dispensary marketing. 

If you want to open a dispensary but have not yet taken the plunge, good for you!  Download our handy guide below that shares everything you need to know about opening a dispensary for the first time! 

dispensary marketing

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