Dispensary Branding | How To Implementing Your Dispensary Branding Plan

September 29, 2021

In our previous article we outlined everything you needed to know from understanding dispensary branding, to everything you need to consider when establishing your dispensary branding. 

But today we are focusing on less of the what, and more of the how.  In this article we are going to dig into the nitty gritty of how to implement your dispensary branding strategy so your store stands out against the rest. 

Why dispensary branding?

Remember, while having a good name and logos to match is a great start, these elements are just the tip of the iceberg for having an effective dispensary branding strategy. Don’t be fooled into thinking your branding can be condensed into these two pieces alone.

Because the cannabis-based market continues to gain popularity across the globe, it’s essential to distinguish your brand from the others. Having a firm grasp of your branding, including organizing your thoughts and developing a brand strategy, will help give you a leg up on your competition before you even hit the market.We’ve scoured the internet and compiled our findings to implement and awesome dispensary branding strategy. 

What is dispensary branding?

Dispensary branding is your story. Ultimately, your branding will portray your business’s who, what, and how to your prospective and existing customers. It is what will capture your target audience and keep them coming back for more.

There’s no denying the power of effective branding. With dispensaries being a part of such a highly competitive market, it’s no wonder dispensary branding is of utmost importance to a successful business.

How do I create my dispensary branding plan?

It’s no secret that developing an effective dispensary branding plan is crucial to the success of your business—especially in the cannabis industry, which you will find  is incredibly competitive. You will need to be on top of your branding to stand out and make an impact on consumers. 

Now that you know the elements that go into your dispensary branding, here’s how to get started with creating it.

Where to start.

Remember that the ultimate purpose of your branding is to relay a story. You will portray your position to your prospective customers through your branding, presenting the who, what, and how of your business operations. And feel free to seek out guidance from friends, family, or professionals through this process, for there is never any shame in asking for help if you’re feeling stuck.

Find your customers.

To help gather your story and how you want to tell it, you can work backward by identifying who you want to tell it to first. Look at the competition and determine some of their pain points. Then, seek out your ideal target audience and see where the trends are. If you’ve already been in business, you can quickly look at your sales records and start narrowing in on your target audience this way as well.

dispensary branding

Conduct market analysis.

Doing your homework is going to pay off in the long run. Looking at the marketing trends of competitors is a great place to start. When you’re starting a new marketing plan, it doesn’t have to be entirely unique. Yes, there should be unique elements that make you stand out, but why reinvent the wheel?

If you’ve found successful competitors with effective marketing strategies, find ways to make them your own. When all else fails, you can always rely on one-on-one interactions, proven to be the most effective. Building relationships by educating your customers is a powerful tool that helps bring them back and bring their friends

with them the next time.

Stay focused.

When developing your branding, you can take a million different directions, but it’s essential to keep yourself focused. Especially in the beginning, you’ll want to start small. Then, as you begin growing and developing a marketing team, you can start expanding your portfolio.

Keep it authentic.

Another one of the powerful secrets of effective dispensary branding is always staying authentic and dynamic. Consumers aren’t looking for the cheapest product available—they are seeking out value. One way to portray value is by taking the time to be genuine with your brand, your product, and your interactions.

What are some examples of great dispensary branding?

Native Roots, Colorado

Native Roots in Colorado has 19 different locations and has received multiple awards recognizing their excellence, including “Best dispensary with the best budtenders in Colorado” and “Best dispensary in Colorado”.

The Native Roots branding is simple yet rustic, sticking true to its Colorado roots. The inside of the stores is modern yet welcoming and familiar, somewhat reminiscent of walking into your local snowboard shop.

The Clinic, Colorado

Another popular Colorado dispensary—known for its flowers, concentrates, and CBD products—is a further excellent example of quality dispensary branding. The Clinic offers newcomers a welcoming feel, offering a Cannabis 101 page on their website.}In the storefront, dark blue is the color choice that provides a serious and responsible feel to consumers. The clinic also integrates woods into its retail spaces to keep things warm and pay tribute to its Colorado roots.

In the storefront, dark blue is the color choice that provides a serious and responsible feel to consumers. The clinic also integrates woods into its retail spaces to keep things warm and pay tribute to its Colorado roots.

If you missed it last week, be sure to check out our guide on what you need to include in a dispensary branding plan. If you need help getting set up, we also have plenty of resources to help get dispensary owners started down the right path! Including a free business plan framework, dispensary guide, free trials for technology and more!

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