4 Ways Automated Payroll Will Save Your Dispensary Money

April 21, 2021

If you own or operate a cannabis retail store you know time is money, and manually calculating payroll takes a whole lot of time. That's why working with an automated payroll software solution is a great choice to help you save time and money - so you can focus on growing your budding business.

What is automated payroll software?

Automated dispensary payroll software is essentially a payroll software system that does automatic, or automated, calculations for you. In other words, using an automated payroll system means that you no longer have to spend time manually calculating payroll.

With an automated payroll system, you can automate things like stat holiday pay calculations, tax deductions, and streamline hours from your time attendance clock or scheduling software directly into your payroll software - saving you tens or hundreds of hours!

How can automated payroll save my dispensary money?

When you choose an automated payroll system, you aren't just saving time doing manual calculations - but you are also saving yourself from payroll error costs, time theft, and miscalculations.  Here are 4 more ways you can save money by using an automated payroll solution.

1 - Save you time.

With everyone you hire, you are purchasing labour.
By automating payroll, payroll admins can spend their time on more important tasks and managers can spend more time on the floor.

In short, the cost savings add up significantly. A typical cannabis retail store who has to manually transfer clock-in/out hours from paper or their POS to their payroll system, can spend on average 5 minutes per employee, per payroll run.

With a 100 employee establishment with a 26 pay-period frequency, this can cost $4,333.00 annually in related payroll administrative costs (100 employees x 26 pay run x 5 minutes x $20/hourly rate).

By investing in software that allows you to automate payroll, you can reduce the amount of time and money spent on the burden of administrative tasks and increase productivity.

2 - Save on error costs with automated payroll.

Human errors are inevitable when manually calculating hours to payroll. Almost always, mistakes happen whether you're doing manual transfers of employee hours from your POS system, or via pen and paper.

Payroll errors will negatively impact your employee morale and cost you thousands of dollars.  Plus they could get you in trouble with the government when it comes to improper deductions and remittance, or employee pay calculations.

Errors could also leave your employees under paid, or over-payed! Think about it, if your payroll is $500,000 annually, a 2% error factor equates to $10,000 in costs. Not to mention the time you spent making those calculations.

3 - Help avoid time theft.

Time theft, along with buddy punching, is one of the biggest unintentional costs of your business. The American Payroll Association found that 43% of hourly worked exaggerated their time worked during a shift. Arriving late and clocking in as on time, and buddy punching are a few examples of time theft.

Time theft can add up to thousands of dollars annually.

  • A hourly employee ( $10/hr) racks up 1 hour of unauthorized time per week.
  • That single employee is costing you $500 per year ($10/hr x 1 x 50 weeks = $500/year per staff).

On a 100 employee establishment, that can cost up to $50,000 annually.

Mistakes are made less when time attendance software is used to track employee hours! By automating payroll and streamlining hours into payroll allows data to be accurate. This way, there won't be any discrepancies between employee hours and employee pay.

4 - Help with organization and growth.

Automating payroll is the ultimate organizational tool because it streamlines all payroll data. Making it easy for everything payroll related to be accessed online and found in one place.

It also allows employees easy online access items like their T4s, or pay stubs, centralize documents and keep legal and government documents and licenses secure and up to date.

If you own a business, you need to use an automated payroll software solution.
Manual calculations not only take up precious time but can also leave room for error, or tax issues. So if you are looking to grow, and streamline your business, an automated payroll solution is for you!

If you have any other questions when it comes to choosing a dispensary payroll software check these 4 features to look for in dispensary payroll software!

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