5 Reasons Your Dispensary Needs Employee Management Software

What is employee management for a dispensary? Well, it’s exactly as it sounds—the process of managing your dispensary employees!  But what does that mean, and why should you care?

Consider this: as a cannabis store expands, so does the size of its staff. The more staff, the more difficult it is to ensure adequate and effective human resource management—hence the need for employee management.

From staff recruitment to scheduling and time tracking, dispensaries need a system that simplifies the work of managing staff, while increasing efficiency.

Although corporate industries routinely use software to navigate human resource management, dispensaries who employ hourly labor employees require workforce management even more, as they traditionally have high turnover, shiftwork schedules, and require employees to clock in using time tracking technology.  

In this article, we will cover what workforce management is, explore the processes, tools, and software that make for better WFM, then we sum up how deploying workforce management in your dispensary can save you time and money.

What is dispensary employee management?

Dispensary employee management is a set of actions and processes employers must take to manage their dispensary workforce and optimize their labor.

Dispensary employee management is seen across the entire employee life cycle, including HR management tasks like recruiting, hiring, onboarding and skill management right through to scheduling your workforce and managing employee clock-ins with time tracking.
When companies do not take adequate care to plan or optimize their workforce, the consequence of such laxity is seen in the cost of mismanaged resources, and the dissatisfaction of staff and customers.

dispensary workforce managment

What is dispensary employee management software?

Dispensary employee management software can be cloud-based or desktop-based software program(s) that help dispensaries with all the aforementioned workforce management tasks, using digitized and sometimes automated or integrated versions of workforce or employee management tools listed above.

Dispensaries engage these mobile or desktop programs to stay on track with the processes of workforce management and to increase productivity and engagement. They are often integrated with already existing HR management programs but can also be used as sole, stand-alone programs, depending on what features, or modules, the software offers. 

An integrated dispensary solution that allows an employer or manager to manage their entire employee life cycle and integrate with payroll and their POS is truly ideal, as it provides the business with the opportunity to streamline their operations while providing transparency and metrics that can be easily measured with reporting tools.

Most of these tools integrate two or more programs used for WFM. What this means is that the presence of these tools creates a more flexible, easy and manageable approach to the way employees and employers handle their activities. 

Some common elements of dispensary employee management include: 

  • Applicant tracking tools: To streamline the process of recruiting and hiring new employees for your dispensary.
  • Self-serve onboarding: To streamline the process of onboarding new employees at your dispensary.
  • Human resource information systems: To keep track of important employee information and documents like licenses and renewals. 
  • Performance management tools: To assist employees to perform their jobs more efficiently.
  • Retain resource planning: Helping employers match tasks to employees according to an employee's skill set. 
  • Employee time tracking: Allowing employees to clock into their shifts on their own,  using time tracking technology, this can also be used across multiple dispensary locations.
  • Scheduling: Scheduling forecasting, scheduling templates, and automated schedules for multiple or single dispensaries.
  • Integrations with payroll software: Workforce management with integrated payroll means you can streamline employee hours directly from time clocks to payroll, making dispensary payroll easy.
  • Integrations with POS software: Integrations with compliant dispensary POS systems mean you can measure employee labor against sales, improving labor effectiveness. 
dispensary workforce managment

Why does your dispensary needs employee management software?

Employee management is essential to dispensaries of various staff strengths because it assists in maximising employee productivity and ensures the adequate utilization of resources. It also helps your companies streamline their operations, manage their workforce, and grow their business. 

This type of software is especially useful to dispensary managers who have to stay on top of employee licences and renewals.  And finally, having a workforce management solution that integrates with payroll and your POS system gives dispensaries transparency, flexibility and efficiency that is paramount when running or growing a business. 
Here are 

1 - It will help you grow your business.

Using dispensary employee management software can help you grow your business and streamline the backend when you integrate systems such as scheduling, HR, payroll, and time tracking with other systems like POS. Some management software, such as Kayapush has the functionality that helps you manage dispensary chains, employees who work at different locations, and payroll across different platforms. 

2 - It will save you money.

You can use an integrated solution at your dispensary to cut down costs and maximize profit. Save money on schedule, labor costs, staff hours, and onboarding employees while running payroll.

3 - It will save you time.

With employee management software’s integration and automation features, you can save hundreds of hours.  For example, KayaPush HR provides employees with an automated tracking system for easy recruiting, and self-serve onboarding, so you don’t have to spend the time onboarding a new hire manually. 

KayaPush Scheduling
offers scheduling templates and suggestions that provide forecasts to help you make the best choices, while KayaPush Time Tracking provides employees with the ability to clock in on their own with the assurance of facial recognition. Dispensary employers can automate clock-in adjustments, so they no longer have to manually adjust clock times.

Finally, dispensary employee management software that integrates with dispensary payroll can streamline employees’ worked hours to payroll, thus completely eliminating the need for manual payroll calculations or data transfers. 

4 - It will help you streamline and systemize your business.

Employee management for your dispensary helps in creating a reliable system for the various processes required to ensure employee productivity—including forecasting, scheduling, training management, and HR management.

Using dispensary employee management that integrates with other business processes is the key to streamlining your business, giving you more time to do what you love and invest in growing your business.

If you run multiple dispensary locations, utilizing an integration system can be a game-changer for your business. 

5 - It will help keep you compliant 

In the heavily regulated industry of cannabis, running a dispensary has to be done using the utmost adherence to local laws and guidelines.  Using a dispensary employee management system that integrates with your compliant POS system, offers compliance clock in features like facial recognition time tracking, and reminders of overdue licence renewals could save you big time when it comes to keeping on top of compliance guidelines. 

In closing…

In the industry of cannabis retail, you can’t afford not to have a strong system in place to manage your people, finances and business needs.  Investing in a dispensary workforce management system, especially one that integrates with your payroll and compliant POS system, is the best thing that you can do for your business to streamline your operations, and help it grow. 

Clients who use dispensary employee management have found that they can how run payroll with the click of a button, and finally have more time to focus on their business, instead of always working in their business. 

At the end of the day, dispensary employee management will be your new best bud. 

dispensary employee management software

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